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      Packaging Protein: Greenbridge Arch Machines Are a Cut Above the Rest

      Specialty Designed, Branded Arch Machines

      Securing and transporting meat, seafood, and animal products from processing plants to wholesale, retail, and foodservice destinations poses unique challenges. Ensuring these perishable goods arrive intact and damage-free requires robust unitizing and load securing solutions that are easy to use and easy to clean. Greenbridge offers an integrated approach to end-of-line packaging that addresses these needs with precision and reliability.

      Greenbridge offers a range of specialty designed, branded arch machines tailored to the protein market. One standout is the PC1500SS, a high-speed, side-seal automatic strapping machine. This machine is manufactured with a stainless steel frame and equipped with rust-resistant and corrosion-retardant parts, making it ideal for use in moist and harsh environments such as meat, poultry processing plants, and the marine food industry.

      The PC1500SS: Built for Harsh Environments

      The PC1500SS is designed to provide exceptional protection from moisture and splash-down spray, ensuring it remains operational in the toughest conditions. Key features include:

      • High strapping speed of up to 60 straps per minute
      • Adjustable height roller top
      • End of cycle strapping error signals
      • Various arch sizes to accommodate different load dimensions
      • Water-resistant design with an internal strap dispenser to protect the strap from water

      High-Speed Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

      The PC1500SS is not only fast but also reliable and easy to maintain. Its water-resistant design allows for easy cleaning and sanitization, which is crucial in protein processing environments. This makes the PC1500SS the most cost-effective strapping solution in its class.

      Greenbridge’s Fully Automatic Arch Strapping Machines

      In addition to the PC1500SS, Greenbridge offers fully automatic arch strapping machines that provide high-speed service for most in-line industrial production needs. These machines are built with super heavy-duty construction, making them suitable for strapping everything from light loads like magazines to heavy loads such as ceramic tiles.

      The PC2000CX: Another Stainless Steel Solution

      For the protein market, Greenbridge also offers the PC2000CX in stainless steel. This machine comes with several features that make it ideal for the harsh conditions of protein processing:

      • Robust, compact strapping head
      • Free access to strap guides
      • Electronic tension control and auto strap ejector
      • Dual photo eyes and Siemens PLC control
      • Hinged top plates and splash guard over the seal head
      • Dual cylinder pneumatic press for fine-tuned package compression
      • Pneumatic air gun for easy maintenance cleaning
      • Extra-wide, heavy-duty locking castors for quick movements
      • Fixed strap cutter near the strap coil for convenience
      • Multiple strap functions for single, double, continuous, or transit mode
      • Belt-driven table with variable conveyor speed between 10 and 60 meters per minute
      • Up and downstream interlock with complete plug connection
      • Easy reversible package flow and loop ejector

      Integrated Packaging Solutions

      Greenbridge’s approach to packaging doesn’t stop at providing top-notch machines. We couple our equipment sales with polypropylene strap that has the necessary characteristics to run at the highest speeds through automated machinery. Our straps are designed with high strength, shock absorption, and tension distribution to ensure your loads are secure.

      Comprehensive Support

      Our commitment to the protein market extends beyond product offerings. Greenbridge provides comprehensive support across the life of your equipment, including maintenance programs, repairs, and expert advice. Our team is dedicated to helping you select the right products and ensuring your operations run smoothly.


      Greenbridge’s specialized products and integrated approach make us a trusted partner in the protein market. Our stainless steel, corrosion-resistant machines like the PC1500SS and PC2000CX, combined with our high-quality straps, ensure that your perishable goods are transported securely and efficiently. Let Greenbridge help you navigate the challenges of the protein market with our reliable and innovative packaging solutions.

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