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      Terms & Conditions 

      1. Payment Terms: Net 30 calendar days from Greenbridge invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing signed by the parties. If any payment is past due, Greenbridge may impose a service charge up to the maximum amount allowed by applicable law.
      2. Freight Charges: All products are shipped FCA (Incoterms 2020) – Free Carrier at Greenbridge shipment facility. Unless otherwise agreed between Greenbridge and the customer.
      3. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices in quotations are effective for the specific time stated in the quotation or, if no time period is stated, 30 days.
      4. Claims and Returns: Customer must reject alleged nonconforming Products within 30 days after delivery for nonconformities reasonably discoverable on inspection and within 90 days after delivery for latent nonconformities; after such times, acceptance cannot be revoked.:Product Quality Claims: For alleged Non-conforming product (it does not meet specifications/breaking, dusting, splitting, contamination, etc.), contact the customer service team at 800-548-9557 and/or e-mail . In case of any product quality or logistics claims, customer service will open a Return Material Authorization (RMA) case and inform them of the following steps. As a condition for replacement, refund or credit, the Customer shall, if requested in writing by Greenbridge, return alleged nonconforming Products to Greenbridge in the same condition as when received. In all events, the Customer shall provide Greenbridge with a reasonable opportunity to examine and test such alleged nonconforming Products. Logistics Claims: The product has the expected quality; however, the package or pallet is damaged, missing pieces, shipped wrong color, duplicated shipments, etc. Any logistics claim must be noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL) by the customer at the time of receiving. Greenbridge reserves the right not to accept any logistics claim if not noted in the BOL. Any third party, collect or pickup orders are not the responsibility of Greenbridge for freight claim or reimbursement. For additional details, please see for the complete Greenbridge Return Material Authorization policy. Returns outside of Quality and Logistics issuesRestocking Fees: A restocking fee of $550 per pallet will be applied for any preapproved return outside of Quality and Logistics returns. The customer is responsible for the return freight and insurance and returned products must be in the original packaging and sellable condition (no damaged pallets or packages, missing pieces, etc.). MTO and MTA products will not be available for return, nor will products that have shipped within more than 60 days. 
      5. Additions to existing orders may be considered if requested up to 48 hours prior to the Requested Ship Date. Additions to existing orders may alter the original ship date. In the case of strapping, all additions must be in multiples of one pallet. 
      6. Estimated Shipment Dates are noted by product classification: Made to Stock (MTS) products are items for regular stock replenishment and should be available at Greenbridge. These products are estimated to ship in 5 calendar days or less. Made to Order (MTO) products will be produced upon receipt of a firm customer sales order only. No inventory on hand is expected at Greenbridge. These products are expected to ship within 35 calendar days from order confirmation. Made to Agreement (MTA) products will be produced and shipped as per agreement with the customer.  
      7. Minimum Order Quantity for Polyester and Polypropylene strapping applies as noted by classification: Made to Stock (MTS) will require a 1- pallet minimum. Made to Order (MTO) will require a 4-pallet minimum, and the customer agrees to accept products within plus or minus 10% of the PO quantity. Made to Agreement (MTA) will require a 1-pallet minimum, unless otherwise agreed. Quantities over the minimum order quantities must be in increments of one full pallet.
      8. Strapping shelf-life: Greenbridge recommends using any strapping product within 12 months from the production date, even though strapping may still perform to its intended use after this recommended timeframe.
      9. Partial Shipments: Greenbridge at times may ship partial sales orders unless otherwise determined by the customer.
      10. Tool and Machine Product Warranty: 12 months from the invoice date on arch machines and tools. Batteries are 4 months. Spare Parts are 3 months. Tabletop machines are 3 months from the invoice date. Disclaimer: Greenbridge reserves the right not to accept the warranty if the tool, machine, battery, or spare parts were not applied, or serviced according to the recommended technical specifications. Minimum orderfor parts is $25.00 per order.
      11. Cancelations: Cancelation of orders for tools or machines will be evaluated on an individual basis and must be approved by Greenbridge before return.  Cancelation of strapping customer sales orders:  Made to Stock (MTS) orders require a 72-hour notification and confirmation prior to Requested Ship Date to Greenbridge. Made to Order (MTO) orders require a two-week notification to Greenbridge providing that the product has not been produced.  Made to Agreement (MTA) cancelations will follow the prescribed agreement.
      12. Ecommerce orders: Credit card orders only. A 3% surcharge applies to all credit card orders. The Minimum order policy applies as stated on the ecommerce site. All products are shipped DAP (Incoterms 2020).
      13. Liability Statements: Caution: Always proceed with caution. It is up to the user to determine if the load is safe. Warranty: Seller warrants that the Strapping and Power Tools sold herein will conform to Seller’s specifications and will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for one (1) year from the date of production. Except as expressly stated herein, seller makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied and expressly disclaims all warranties regarding the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the products described herein. The equipment and procedures utilized to apply the product and environmental conditions are among the factors which may adversely affect the performance of the product. The user must evaluate whether the product is fit for a particular purpose and user’s method of application.