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      The GB+ Program: Securing Your Business Is Our Priority

      Unlock Business Growth with the Greenbridge GB+ Program

      In today’s fast-paced business environment, the focus must remain on what drives growth—product development, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and innovation. Yet, the operational side of things, such as managing and maintaining equipment, can often become a bottleneck. This is where Greenbridge’s GB+ program steps in, offering a strategic solution to streamline your operations and fuel your business growth.

      What is the Greenbridge GB+ Program?

      The Greenbridge GB+ program is a comprehensive service that supplies and maintains your strapping equipment, allowing you to redirect your capital expenditure (Capex) towards core business initiatives. Instead of allocating funds to tools and equipment, you can invest in areas that will directly contribute to your company’s growth. The GB+ program is designed to address various operational challenges, including equipment maintenance, consumable supplies, and sustainability objectives, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

      Key Benefits of the GB+ Program

      1. Capital Preservation

      One of the standout benefits of the GB+ program is the ability to preserve your Capex dollars. By eliminating the need to purchase equipment outright, your business can allocate these funds to other critical areas such as product development and marketing. This financial flexibility can significantly enhance your company’s ability to innovate and grow.

      2. Access to Top-Tier Equipment and Tools

      Greenbridge provides access to industry-leading strapping equipment and tools. This means you can upgrade your operations with state-of-the-art machinery without the heavy upfront costs typically associated with new equipment purchases. Improved equipment leads to enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.

      3. Reduction of Bottlenecks

      Supply chain issues, particularly those related to the availability of PP (Polypropylene) and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) strapping and accessories, can cause significant delays. The GB+ program mitigates these issues by ensuring a steady supply of consumables, reducing the likelihood of production halts and improving overall workflow.

      4. Priority Maintenance and Expedited Service

      Downtime can be incredibly costly for any business. With GB+, you receive priority maintenance from Greenbridge technicians, ensuring that your equipment is always in optimal working condition. Additionally, expedited onsite service calls help to minimize downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

      5. Sustainability Initiatives

      Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a critical component of modern business strategy. The GB+ program helps you reduce your dependence on landfills, increase reuse and recycling efforts, and meet or exceed your sustainability goals. This not only benefits the environment but also enhances your company’s reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking business.

      About Greenbridge

      Founded in 1974 as Polychem, Greenbridge has grown into a leader in end-of-line packaging solutions. Rebranded in April 2021, Greenbridge reflects a commitment to sustainable, high-performing operations. The company’s legacy began with quality polyester, polypropylene, and cord strapping, and through strategic growth and acquisitions, it now offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools, equipment, systems, and services designed to overcome the most challenging supply chain issues. Greenbridge is dedicated to safety, continuous improvement, and advancing the circular economy, ensuring sustainable success for its customers.


      The Greenbridge GB+ program is more than just a service; it’s a strategic partner in your business’s growth and sustainability journey. By choosing GB+, you gain access to top-tier equipment, reduce operational bottlenecks, and prioritize your company’s growth initiatives while also meeting your sustainability goals. Secure your business’s future with the comprehensive and customizable solutions offered by Greenbridge’s GB+ program.

      For more information about the GB+ program, visit Greenbridge’s website or contact your Regional Sales Manager at 800-548-9557 or Let Greenbridge help you focus on what truly matters—fueling the growth of your business.

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