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      Load Securement

      PTSL Top Seal Strapping System

      The automatic strapping machines model 08L, are ideal to vertically strap all wooden products such as panels, strips and planks which need to be kept together during transport and handling.

      Depending on the type of product to be bound, the machines may be equipped with devices to apply wooden runners above and below the pack, or cardboard corner protectors before the strapping phase.

      The operating cycles of the machines and the individual devices may be programmed through an operator panel.

      • Type of strap: Polyester- PET
      • Strap Dimension : width 12-19 mm thickness 0,6- 1,3 mm
      • Tensioning : up to 700 kg
      • Compressed Air: 5,5 – 7 bar
      • Supply Voltage: 400 V- 50 Hz

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